Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At the shops

Ready to go shopping?

Great. Here's a tip, though...don't park your car here.

Now, if you're looking for something special to buy for your wife I recommend these products called Wife Cakes.

Alternatively, a heifer might be your preferred way of showing your love.

Keegan likes this Havaianas shop window because of the Australian team colours.

Another interesting shop window.I think they're selling jeans...or elephants...Hey, maybe they have heifers?

This billboard makes me cringe every time I see it because the woman's frock is a journey out of style, in my opinion.

Why on earth?

Why not?

Time for a toilet break...

This is an example of typical Chinglish on t-shirts even in more upmarket stores.

I think the FIFA athletes should adopt the spirit of complacency, don't you?

Craig stopped to admire this cool motorcycle in a store window...

...and then he realised it was a shop for men's lotions and other body products. Good marketing gimmick, huh?

The same shop also had a kids' activity table, so the whole family can come shopping with Daddy for moisturiser.

If you're feeling peckish, perhaps you'd like a chocolate pizza.

Or you could go into a supermarket and look for familiar snacks. On the left you can see our Aussie Twisties and Cheezels, and on the left are the Hong Kong brands.

Hammer pants, also called parachute pants or harem pants are all the rage here in Hong Kong.

Here Elora is standing next to the popular saggy crotch trousers you can even buy for young children. I'll be interested to see if Australia is following the fashion craze.

What a classy name for a doll!

It's better than this "Benign Girl" toy phone. Finally we have solid evidence of the link between brain tumours and mobile phone use!

I'll finish this post with a wedding car I spotted outside the shopping centre. Hello Kitty is so popular here in Hong Kong, you can base your whole wedding on the theme. Or, maybe not.


  1. Such a funny post! My favourite is the Heifer poster. What on earth could they mean?

  2. Now Barbie is trying to steal my classy Renee.

  3. Why that tree with a sign on it? Any tree might collapse.

  4. Uncle Stewart desperately wants the onion goggles. He was whinging last night as I cooked soup that his eyes were smarting even in the lounge room. Wonder do they fit over glasses?