Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy families

The children have had this week off school so that they can spend more time with their cousins. They have been getting on quite well, as you can see from the following photos...

Our two families take up a lot of space at the local Fairwood restaurant!

Tirzah and Delenn both love The Wiggles

Elora has kindly played Barbies with Jemilla whenever she asks.

The boys have enjoyed countless deliveries of Super Cricket.

Today I was happy to engage in one of my favourite Mong Kok markets. Elora was brave to accompany Carla and I because we set a hard pace and didn't get home until 7:15 pm.


  1. What a great week Renee. Any good bargains at Mong Kok markets?

  2. So,Elora and Carla, please tell me what is in those plastic bags!