Monday, June 14, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball 2010

Jemilla has been so excited about her special date with her Daddy. Here they are all dressed up and ready to go...

This week it was Jemilla's turn to travel first class on the MTR.

View from the Aberdeen Marina Club.

The Grand Ballroom

Jemilla liked the balloon animals.

This man made her a lovely balloon flower.

Next Jemilla chose a tattoo for her hand...

And a painting for the other hand...

And decorations for her nails too.

Then Jemilla made a pink and green bead necklace.

Time for tea.

I like the table decorations. Look at the sweet pineapple flowers!

The menu was pizza for the kids and steak for the Dads, with ice cream for dessert. Result? Everyone was happy.

Jemilla told me there was a magic show and dancers for entertainment. All the fathers and daughters had a chance to dance together. She liked doing "Let's Twist Again".

I asked Jemilla what she liked best about the night, but she had trouble narrowing it down to just one thing. She had such a nice time with her Daddy.