Sunday, June 13, 2010


Jemilla and Keegan often ask if they can have friends come and play in the afternoon after school. Sometimes our lack of a car can pose a problem, but we do try to invite kids to our apartment when we can. A "play" at the Harveys generally involves Barbies or Legos or dress-ups or musical instruments or a combination of all of the above. Here are a few of our recent visitors.  

Jakob and Lucy (from the Norwegian school). They are watching Jemilla's favourite craft show on television called "Mr Maker".

Seth and Silas (visiting from China)

Man Hei (from Keegan's class)

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  1. Happy memories!Now I know the correct spelling of ManHei,too.Am of course thinking of you ALL,all this glad for the TuenNg holiday on Wednesday.Love and welcome to the Croakers.