Sunday, June 6, 2010

World's highest church (not to be confused with the Tower of Babel)

Last Sunday we travelled on the world's longest outdoor escalator system. Today we visited another record-breaking place: the world's highest church. A colleague from my school invited us to Hong Kong City Church which meets on the 75th floor of Central Plaza in Wan Chai, the third tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.

The service was very energetic and vibrant, with an enthusiastic music team and a likeable Aussie pastor who urged us to not only protect ourselves by wearing the full armour of God but to also warn others if we see Satan getting a foothold in their lives.

It's another great church that is unfortunately a bit too far for us to travel  via public transport every week (1.5 hours each way).

And talk about Nesting in Skyscrapers, look at these photos Craig took of our view from the church "pews".

The photos of Hong Kong Island may not mean much to you, but in this last one I've circled Craig's workplace, Small World Christian Kindergarten, to give you an idea of its location.


  1. I think the rule in china is that your only aloud one child because there are so many people and it is so busy.
    If this is Hong-Kong I can't imagine how busy China would be.