Monday, June 28, 2010

FIFA fever

Just like the rest of the world, Hong Kong is enjoying World Cup Soccer. Many of the shopping centres have huge displays in a FIFA theme.

Yesterday we saw this 3D soccer show at Sha Tin.

We are unable to watch the matches on our TV at home, but if we wanted to see a particular game we could always go to a nearby shopping centre and watch it on a big screen...

...with a couple thousand of our friends.

If we could actually see the screen past the crowds of people, that is!

This screen wasn't nearly as crowded, but then this game was not playing live.
Another soccer display

One day we bought some paper plates and cups and had a little FIFA-themed party.

Naturally we were originally cheering for Australia, but now Ghana is our favourite. What about your family?


  1. You didn't start cheering for Ghana until after they played the US right?

    Every team that we have rooted for has consistently lost. I like underdogs so it shouldn't be a surprise when they do lose.
    It would be nice to see an African team win it especially this year. So now that the US is out- I will allow alliance to Ghana and probably root for them myself.

  2. Yes, we should all cheer for Ghana. Then, the Harvey family should come to Ghana so that they can see a proper match in person and learn about the culture first hand. I happen to know a few great homes that would be ready and willing to host you!