Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exploring Tai Po

On their first day in Hong Kong we took the Croakers to Tai Po. This is a cozy spot the children found to sit and wait for Andy who was getting his hair cut.

They were very impressed with the market, especially all the kinds of fresh fish, eels, turtles, frogs, and snails for sale. One fish flopped right out of the tank onto the floor in front of Bowen!

This butcher expressed his amazement at the number of children we had between our two families.

Pig snouts for tea, anyone?

So many nice things to choose from at the bakery...

Yum! Everyone enjoyed fresh buns for a picnic lunch in Tai Po.

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  1. I told Roger that if he saw a bunch a beautiful Aussie children in Tai Po he would know that they were mine!
    Am glad that you chose the "Boulangerie Chaud"amongst so many!Did Tirzah get to use the tongs? Those bakeries have the same distinctive aroma all over.
    Hope that Andy was as satisfied as I was (with Mario)