Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day One

They're here! The Peet family arrived from Australia just before midnight last night.

As it was too late to use public transport, we hired a bus to transport all of us (and the six suitcases!) from Hong Kong International Airport to Tai Po.

These are just some of the goodies that the Peets brought for us in their luggage. Yum!

So nice to be with Amanda again after a year apart.

Our friends the Turners kindly offered their gorgeous apartment in Beverly Hills for the Peets to use during their stay here. It was perfect and so close to us! This is the golf cart residents can take to get to the main entrance/exit.

Of course we didn't let the Peets adjust slowly to life in Hong Kong; we made them dive right in with a trip to the Tai Po wet market. So many interesting things to see... and smell!

We bought fresh buns for lunch at a Chinese bakery, then spent the afternoon walking through the streets of Tai Po and through our local shopping centre.

Welcome to Tai Po, Peet family!


  1. Oh! The sights, sounds and smells! Loved it - even if we all did our best to not breathe for a few sections of the market!!

  2. there were many interesting things to see and smell but thankfully we didn't taste! Oh the melon Ice-cream I am holding in the bottom photo is one of the best ice-cream flavours i have ever tasted.