Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last photos of the Peets

Peets, can you remember which one of these was the bus you took every day? And how to say "Beverly Hills" in Chinese?

Geoff certainly stood out in Hong Kong because of his height.

Our children saved their mosaic craft projects for a quiet day at home with the Peet girls.

Ordering meals at the local Fairwood restaurant (Donna, you'd recognise this place.)

One morning Brianna and Amanda viewed the Picasso exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

The Peets kindly brought presents for our helper, Celine.

The dads took the kids swimming several times at Forest Hill and Tai Po public pool.

One day I unleashed my craft-loving friend on the streets of Sham Shoi Po.

Amanda loved it so much, she had to go back to buy more stuff on another day!

Can you believe Millie has a store in Hong Kong named after her!

Lauren, you would love these red letter boxes.

The Peet girls reckon we spend most of our time in Hong Kong just travelling on public transport.

You wanted authentic Chinese food, yourself!

And what would you like for tea tonight, Geoff? Fish balls? Stinky tofu?

Elora posed in a Beijing Olympics sculpture.

Brianna bought a dress on Fa Yuen Street, one of my favourite places to shop in Hong Kong.

On a monkey hike in Shatin.

A visit with Amanda would be incomplete without browsing through at least one op shop. (Rach, can you tell which one this is?)

And after cramming our last three years of exciting Hong Kong experiences into less than two weeks, the Peets' visit finally came to an end. May you return to Australia full of wonderful memories! We really treasured our time with you.


  1. Words fail to capture just how truly wonderful our time with you was. More than every exciting place we went to in Hong Kong, I loved spending time with you and your family. We have been so richly blessed. You, Renee, are a beautiful, Godly, generous woman, and I am so thankful to God for our friendship. xxx Amanda 

  2. Where exactly can those Sham Shui Po streets be found? What about the monkey hike you made in Sha Tin? I would like to visit both as soon as our summer holiday will be finished.

  3. Loved it in Hong Kong!!! I took about 1 million photos and most of them were blurry but my memories weren't. my friends all loved the gifts I got for them and had never seen anything like the rubbers before.

    1. Brianna, I'm so glad your friends liked your presents! You were very thoughtful with what you chose.