Saturday, July 21, 2012

Triple birthday

Today marks the birthday of both of the Harvey males. As I had been in Australia for my birthday on the fourteenth, I joined in the birthday celebrations as well. Needless to say, there were LOTS of presents to open today!

Some of my special gifts: new Bible, soapstone hearts, DVD, and chocolates. (Carla, you can see the dark green frame Craig ordered for my seahorse.)

Among Keegan's stash: cricket figurine, two DS games, and soccer shoes.

Here's Craig's pile: Swans t-shirt, tie, cap, DVD, and cricket cufflinks.

Jemilla made and decorated the birthday cake for the boys.


 Happy birthday, Craig and Keegan! We love you!


  1. We miss you Harveys! Glad you enjoyed your birthday treats :)

  2. PS Great photo of Craig and Keegan!

  3. Love the pillow and the groovy Bible!

  4. Great cake Jemilla. Happy birthday everybody!