Friday, July 27, 2012


Despite the long distance from our house, we spent a trully enjoyable day at Stanley. 

The Super Shopper Award goes to Geoff who surprised us all by finding the most bargains at the market.

After finally dragging Geoff away from the clothes shops, we rewarded the long-suffering children with a play at a beautiful secluded little beach.

Stanley playground

Chinese food for tea before the long bus ride back to Tai Po

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  1. Hahahaha! Geoff did surprise us all with his endurance at the markets! It was all about the great savings he was making - would love to go back there!!
    I LOVE the lanterns I bought there - they look gorgeous strung up at home. Also thrilled with the artwork, (which still needs to be framed, so is not on display yet). And Bri wears her Converse shoes all the time.
    The Peets loved Stanley Markets - certainly well worth the travel :)