Friday, July 27, 2012

Noah's Ark

Our day started with a special treat: Mrs Field's cookies!


As with all the other tourist attractions in Hong Kong, Noah's Ark is a long way from Tai Po. We took a bus, several trains, and a ferry before we could finally see the ark on our horizon.

We walked through the Ark Garden first, as we were concerned that it would start raining.

After watching  the "Journey of Noah" in the Great Flood Theatre, we explored the Treasure House with its fun-filled exhibitions and hands-on programs especially designed for children aged 3-15.

Outside the gift shop

Ark Life Education House offered even more fun and interactive activities.

We each hand-made a little clay cake in this craft room.

This was a fun but random activity involving a glass booth in which participants had to pull on one of four ropes, not knowing what might "rain" down on their heads.

Amanda, I know you pulled down the plastic balls and Jemilla got wet, but can you remember which of the twins got the rubber ducks?

Outside the ark, the children took turns crossing this rope bridge in Noahs' Adventureland.

We also discovered a section of Ma Wan Park actually called the Australia Garden.

Compared to when we last visited, Noah's Ark had very few visitors, so we were able to get the activities all done in just a few hours. Then it was time to board the ferry again.

We've travelled with the Peets on buses and trains and ferries, so today we added trams to their list of Hong Kong modes of transport.

We finished the day with Paisanos Pizza (two feet in diameter) for tea.

It's funny to me that the Peets came to Hong Kong expecting to eat lots of amazing Chinese food, but our favourite places are mostly Western restaurants. Frankly, I don't think the children minded too much!


  1. Sophie was the one who also got 'wet', but putting on that raincoat (that was wet on the inside) made everyone as wet as each other! Good for a laugh I say!

    I was really impressed with Noah's Ark - so many great quality exhibitions. A fantastic place for a school excursion.

  2. to start off with, Mrs Field's cookies are the best cookies in the world (that i have found). oh and the cupcake that I made, it got squished on the plane so it looked more like a brown/white goop than a cupcake. the pizza we had was the biggest pizza in the whole world (that i have found) it was so cool.