Friday, July 27, 2012

Market Day

Following on from our success at Stanley Market yesterday, we ventured out with the Peets to three of the four most famous markets in Mong Kok. (The only one we missed was the Goldfish Market, but I think the children would have rioted if I had suggested we needed to walk through yet another market. You can see some photos of the Goldfish market here taken by my sister Lauren when she visited Hong Kong in October 2009.)

1. Flower Market

Bird Market

Ladies Market

After spending most of our money at The Ladies Market, we parted ways with Craig and Geoff, taking the children back to Shatin for tea and a play at Snoopy's World.

As to how Craig and Geoff spent their evening, they found a pub in Wanchai that broadcasted the third and deciding 2012 State of Origin. The men reported that the food and company were excellent, but the game's final score was not!


  1. Ok, that's it! YOu are just having too much fun. I'm taking the next plane out of here to come and explore with you. *Maybe someday this will be possible. So glad that you get to enjoy the company of friends. Blessings!

  2. You're welcome anytime, Ali! How do our markets compare to yours?

  3. My first thought is that they are TOTALLY different but after thinking about it, maybe not so different after all. At least not different in the way it is set up. Each person has their set item to sell. There will be an entire row of people selling basically the same thing. The market is divided into "departments" in a way. What makes me envious of your markets is that they look like so much fun with a lot of variety. We don't really have novelty items like I see you posting about. Of course, some of it could be that I was in such a haze from our travels that I didn't really feel as if I knew what was happening when we visited you. Also, I think that we got along so well for our short time together that I would love the opportunity to have a girls' day out with you!

  4. The Flower Markets were beautiful, the Bird Market was a little disturbing, and the Ladies Markets were a great Hong Kong experience! Thank you to Jemilla, Keegan and Tirzah who were incredibly patient while the Peet girls took forever to decide what to spend their money on! The three backpacks are all being used as school bags now, Elora has already used her USB to bring a HK power point to school for news, and the watches are still being worn every day (except for Millie's whose has broken!!)

  5. I'm glad we went to those markets. the bag I bought is now my school bag! my USB is the best ever because everyone has those plain black ones.