Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar versus Indiana

While Natalie was here we watched several movies together, but these two were the most notable for very different reasons.

We decided to go to the cinema on Christmas Eve to watch Avatar in 3D, but the theatre was booked out except for two seats in the very front row. We took them anyway, and despite my stiff neck two and a half hours later I had no regrets. The movie was fantastic, a real feast for the eyes and the imagination. I've heard it compared to "Dances with Wolves in space" and "Ferngully on steroids". Natalie enjoyed it so much, she went back and watched it again a few days later at an IMAX cinema here in Hong Kong.

Now the Indiana Jones DVD Natalie brought with her from China. We thought it would be a bit of fun watching Harrison Ford in action again. Well...to put it kindly, it was terrible. The scenes didn't flow together, the plot was beyond believable, and it was really Geriatric Jones in action. Natalie and I spent an hour afterwards trying to think of worse movies that we have seen in our lifetime, and we failed to come up with even one. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was so bad that we don't want to even give it the accolade of being the worst movie ever made, so if you can think of another title that possibly surpasses it, please let me know.

So my recommendation to you is to go and see Avatar in 3D as soon as you get the chance. As for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...well, I'm sure you can find something better two with two hours of your time such as calculating your age in days, alphabetising all the food you ate yesterday, or watching the cricket.


  1. I'll take watching the cricket thankyou :-)

    Shane Watson has scored his first hundred ! Aussie Aussie Aussie


  2. Oh Renee you make me laugh! Thanks!

    I too really enjoyed avatar...i didn't see it in 3d though.
    This genre is not usually one I would choose to see but I really REALLY loved it. You are so right in saying that it was a 'feast for the eyes and imagination'...and I would add a lovely journey for the heart. maybe I will even go and see it in 3D (I never go and see a movie twice...so that's saying something).