Thursday, December 3, 2009

East Asian Games

Maybe in Australia the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games are not making the headlines, but here they are widely publicised. The EAG are in town from the 5th to the 13th of December. They feature top-class athletes from nine participating countries: The People's Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei and Guam. Around 2,300 athletes will compete for 262 gold medals in a record-breaking 22 sporting events.

Yesterday a work colleague offered Craig two tickets to a soccer (football) game between Japan and Korea.

He and Keegan made the trek out to Chai Wan to watch the match. Upon arrival the stadium was quite deserted, with more security guards and police than spectators.

The game started late, so the boys were happy to kick a soccer ball back and forth to pass the time.

Eventually people started arriving and filling up some of the seats.

The Japanese players are the blue specks and the Korean players are the white dots.

Keegan met one of the EAG mascots named Dony.

The theme of the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games is "Be the Legend".

You can enjoy the theme song by clicking the link below. (Although I think the writers could possibly have come up with better English lyrics than the somewhat narcissistic, "You are the legend of your life...")


  1. "Be the Legend"?

    I can identify with that!

  2. Looks like a fun night for a dad and his boy! :)