Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hong Kong MAF (Music and Fashion) Awards

On Saturday night our Norwegian friends the Rode-Christoffersens came over to our place for tea. They have three children who are slightly older than our three, but they all seem to play happily together. After we ate, the adults chatted in the lounge room downstairs until our peace and quiet was disturbed by this impromptu band performance. I'm surprised the neighbours didn't complain about the cacophony!

After their enthusiastic if not entirely harmonious musical number, the children thundered upstairs to the playroom again, only to re-emerge this time in dress up costumes for Fashion Show Number One...

Number Two...

And Number Three...

Well done to any of you blog readers who can spot the Harvey children amongst these groups of crazy characters!


  1. What a lot of dress ups you have - looks like everyone had so much fun!
    I notice that Tirzah stayed in the same Dorothy outfit each time!

  2. Dorothy the Dinosaur seems to be a constant.

    It looks like the night was a lot of fun for the kids! Did the grown-ups have fun too?