Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthday celebrations

To celebrate Tirzah's second birthday today, we met Craig after work at Sha Tin and ate at a restaurant there.

Craig took this interesting photo of the ceiling above our table where we could see our reflection. By the way, the ceiling was actually three floors above our heads!

When we got home we had some hastily-decorated birthday cake.

Tirzah blew these candles out without any help from us at all.

We all enjoyed the "honey cake" purchased from a local bakery.

Then it was time to open presents.

Tirzah is clutching some new earrings from Great Great Aunty Laurel in Tamworth.

These presents were from the Prior family in Dubbo. The toy mobile phone proved to be the biggest hit of the day. She took it to bed with her and was still chatting on it at 9:30 PM!

We gave Tirzah a wooden doll's bed (from Ikea).

Here is Tirzah's stash of birthday presents: plastic fruit to cut, a Wiggles DVD, a Night Garden VCD, a potty and undies, earrings, a toy mobile phone, and a doll's bed.

Thank you, on behalf of Tirzah, to everyone who sent birthday wishes!

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