Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cringe-worthy Christmas cards

Living overseas it's natural that we get far fewer Christmas cards than we ever did in Australia. I was feeling a bit sad about this until I recalled the hilarious Seinfeld scene between George and Elaine... "You want a Christmas card!? Here's your Christmas card!"

I decided to do a post on the worst family photo Christmas cards I could find on the internet. My apologies in advance to anyone who admits to being related to these families.

It appears that the two main ingredients for a memorable-in-a-bad-way Christmas photo are a hideous sweater and a cheesy grin.

On second thought, any sort of grin would be preferable...Should that read, "Scary Christmas?"

Perhaps this was a Halloween card sent out a bit late.

This card really makes me cringe because I can see that they had such good intentions for the photo. I mean it took a lot of preparation to set up all those props in the snow.

I have NO IDEA what the intentions of this family were.

Nor this one. Why the rabbit ears? Why? And will your sons ever live this photo down at school?

Yet again with the sweater and grin.

Okay, I am officially creeped out.

I actually love this idea and would definitely copy it if I could only figure out how to get Tirzah to keep her eyes closed for long enough.

Anyone else feel sorry for the dog?

Did I mention Christmas sweaters? Point made.

Another cringe-worthy Christmas card because they obviously couldn't find an approved photo of the whole family, so they had to photo-shop in the children later.

Oh, dear. Americans must like their sport even more than Aussies to feature it so prominently on their Christmas card.

At first glance this photo seems quite creative and out-of-place with my other selections. However, if the parents are Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus in their lap, then the older boy must be Herod who unfortunately has fratricide on his mind. Unless he is meant to be an angel, in which case I will withdraw all comments immediately.

Very disturbing. Someone has way too much time to play around with their software.

So which was your favourite?


  1. The photo of the Parkers dressed up as Jews keeps me coming back... Because the adults are sitting and the little boy standing, the proportions look wrong, and it just creeps me out.

  2. TOO funny!! And I love that Seinfeld episode. My favorite is the creepy one with all of the dressed people and then the one dude who is shirtless.

    Oh, and have you ever checked out I think you'd like it!

  3. Kathleen, that website is gold! Lots of cringe-worthy photos there! Thank you!

  4. Hilarious! The worst one for me is the pink princess family (what is with that?), and the best one is the eyes closed family - quite creative.

    Feel free to open our Christmas card inside the package, but sorry, no newletter this year - I just haven't had the focus to do one...

  5. Thanks for the laugh...Glen and I both had a great chuckle. My favourite was the princess terribly odd! and Glen's...the guy with the took me a while to realise it was the guy in the princess dress that had the cigar in his mouth. The funniest bit though were all the captions that you had added...they made the whole thing even funnier!