Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Our children let us sleep in until eight o'clock this morning, which was a lovely Christmas present in itself. They opened their stockings, then we had pancakes for breakfast with Aunty Natalie. She kindly took this photo of us to help us remember our first Christmas in Hong Kong.

After breakfast, the children performed a number of songs for us, such as "Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem"...

"Listen, Listen, What can you hear?"...

"Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas"...

The Nativity Story, told by Jemilla, with help from the Fisher Price Little People...

And I'm not sure what this dance/song was called, but the kids are certainly having fun!

Then it was present time. We had an abundance of goodies under our tree this year! Thank you especially to the Gruddas, Priors, Peets and Fishers for your special parcels from overseas, and to the Harveys and Aunty Laurel for your kind gifts of money.

Here is Tirzah with her stash. Tirzah's favourite Christmas presents were dress-up shoes and a doll's stroller (from Mummy and Daddy).

Keegan got his wish...a new drum kit for Christmas! Other favourite presents were a Bibleman toy (from Nana and Grandpa) and new armour (from Aunty Natalie).

Jemilla's favourite presents were Belville Lego (from Mummy and Daddy) and an Ariel set (from Nana and Grandpa).

Craig received this little wooden Chinese abacus from Natalie.

I gave him some cufflinks with drum kits on them.

And the kids gave him a new rubbish bin for his study. (Yes, it does say Coco Cola.)

I love our gorgeous new teal bath towels from the Priors...

...and our fruit bowl from the Harveys.

And how sweet is this hand-stitched heart artwork beautifully framed from Amanda! (It's gorgeous! Thank you so much!)

But my favourite Christmas present was this two-foot-high sandstone sculpture from Craig who must have had help in knowing what to buy for me. (Come on, Lauren. Time to fess up!)

We cheated at lunch time by ordering our food from a supermarket already prepared. We enjoyed roast chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and vegies, salmon caesar salad, fruit salad and ice cream.

As I type this, Tirzah is having her afternoon rest, Keegan and Craig are trying out the electric drum kit upstairs, and Jemilla has persuaded Natalie to play Lego with her. I know Christmas is much more than  presents and Christmas trees and carols and family and food, but I still feel enormously thankful for all the "stuff" the Lord has provided us with here in Hong Kong.

Happy Christmas to you too, wherever you are and whomever you're with. May you rejoice with us in celebrating God's ultimate gift to the world. "Let the wonder of His glory fill your heart...on this happy, happy day..."

Happy, Happy Day by Colin Buchanan

Happy, happy day
Sing for joy at Christmas
Fill the air with gladness
All the earth
All the earth
To us a Son is given
He leaves his throne in Heaven
God with us—Oh happy happy day

Verse 1:
1. Christ the Lord, the light of men
Born to die and rise again
Break the curse of death
And save us from our sin

Verse 2:
2 Let angels sing and do not fear
Christ the servant King is here
Bringing peace to all
On whom God’s favour rests

Verse 3:
3. Sinner, come and find release
In the incarnate Prince of Peace
Let the wonder of his glory
Fill your heart


  1. Merry Christmas Harvey Family! Sorry our parcel didn't arrive in time but it will be something else to look forward to. We all enjoyed unwrapping all the little presents which seemed to be unending and I really liked Delenn's monchichi set. Lots of love to you all and it seems strange that we haven't been able to talk on the phone with you today.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful bag and sparkly t-shirt. I am going to wear it tomorrow. I have now got 42 beanie kids. Merry Christmas. Love from Elora


  4. Thanks for sharing your Christmas Day with us. Merry Christmas and lots of love from the Adams family. (Bronte had a great day with a chicken treat in her food bowl this morning)