Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last week Craig and Keegan had fun watching the soccer at the 2009 East Asian Games.

Dony and Ami are the designated mascots for the games. According to this website their hair symbolises fire and their faces radiate the confidence of a lion. (A lion? Really? I just can't see it!) The pattern on their bodies is fireworks in the colours of the five Olympic rings.

"Not only do they represent people of different races gathering in Hong Kong, they also represent the cohesive force which brings people of Hong Kong to participate in the Games, as well as the sportsmanship which is carried forward and beyond, that is, to break the barriers between territory and people with sports."

So, I have a challenge for any readers of my blog who are aged ten and under...

Below, you'll find pictures of the mascots participating in 21 different sports as part of the 2009 East Asian Games. I will send a souvenir of the Games to the first five people who can name all 21 sporting events just from the pictures (without looking on any other websites). You have one week from today to complete the task. Have fun!


  1. If we have someone aged 10 and under in the house, can we enter?

  2. I have received entries from Elora Croaker and Brianna Peet. Results posted later...