Saturday, December 26, 2009

Magabox means Megashopping

Hong Kong doesn't have the Boxing Day shopping sales that we have in Australia, but it's still worth visiting a new shopping centre just to see what it's like. Any excuse, right?

Megabox is yet another location to add to the list of places-I-must-take-Carla-when-she-comes-to-Hong-Kong. It's nineteen floors of shopping heaven! It has a giant television screen on the inside that can be seen through a five story porthole from the outside. The building is painted bright red, so you can't miss it.

The floors are grouped according to the type of stores. For instance, one level is for sporting goods, three levels showcase home improvements, and several levels are dedicated to fashion and accessories. And Andy, I haven't forgotten about you; Megabox boasts Hong Kong’s largest single-storey book city and largest electrical/electronic centre. Then there are seven floors featuring theme restaurants and delis, an international-sized ice-skating rink and movie cinemas (including an IMAX theatre). The children enjoyed how the escalators can take shoppers up five floors at a time. They are so long!

However, by far the most appealing aspect of Megabox was the floor that sells children's clothing and toys. No expense has been spared in the paint and decorations to make it a stimulating environment for children of all ages.

Even the kids' toilets are fun!

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