Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tai Po library

Yay! I finally got my Hong Kong ID card which means (among other things) that I can finally borrow from the local library. Lauren, Tirzah and I explored said library this morning after dropping the other kids off at school. We took the lift to the fifth floor of the Tai Po Complex which also houses a fresh produce market.

The adult fiction section is quite limited but who cares really with such a lovely children's book corner!

It is so colourful and boasts a great selection of children's books in English and Chinese. (Manou, you would really be impressed!)

Tirzah especially enjoyed listening to some music through the headphones.

I am sure coming to Tai Po library will form a regular part of our weekly routine as it is so appealing, not to mention I am limited to borrowing six items only per visit.


  1. Hi,
    Sorry to leave a message here as we don't know each other.
    I am a Hong Kong borned Chinese lady who is living in US now. Just came across to see your blog and saw you posted your HKID on internet with everything there!!! I would seriously suggest you to take away the HKID picture, especially there is your ID #. Someone may easily get the access to your blog (just like me), and steal your identity to commit fraud or crime by using your name and HKID#! Or please erase the ID# and your full name, if you want your family and friends get to know how does a HKID card look like.
    Btw, your blog is full of passion and made me miss my home very much! I previously lived in TaiPo and still have my apartment there to allow me to stay when I come back visiting my family once a while.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Michel. I don't think my identity is really worth stealing; I think if someone tried they would find that there's no money or worldly possessions and they would return it promptly! LOL

  3. dont leave your ID on internet or even facebook. dont share your ID with some facebookers. facebook needs ID if account disabled. they may steal your ID claim that the facebook that disabled is you .