Thursday, January 21, 2010

Praise point

Thank you to those family members and friends who have been asking about my job hunting situation. I am pleased to report that just yesterday I signed a contract of employment. God has dropped in my lap a very exiting position as special education teacher at the International Christian School in Hong Kong. Starting on Wednesday I will be working one day a week ordering resources, preparing my classroom, and assessing students to create a class of no more than seven primary aged children with moderate to severe disabilities. Around April when the class is ready, I will begin full-time teaching at the school in a self-contained classroom. Those of you who know me well will understand why I'm so thrilled to combine my interest in kids who have high support needs with the opportunity to teach in a Christian international school.

So, for the meantime things will remain much the same in the Harvey household. Craig will work from home on the day that I am at work so that he can look after Tirzah and do the school runs.

My mother has tentatively agreed to stay with us for two months or so from April, so we're hoping that will tie in neatly with my move to full-time teaching.

Hong Kong does not have long day care centres for young children whose parents work. Instead, most families hire a domestic helper/maid/nanny from the Philippines or Indonesia. These women usually live with their employer, but we are very reluctant to have a stranger in such close quarters for months on end. Please pray that God will provide a clear solution to our child care needs.

ICS offers free tuition to children of staff members, so Jemilla and Keegan will move from NIS to ICS in the new school year (August), subject to placement. Please pray for their transitions.

In spite of the confident front I presented to the headmaster and educational psychologist who interviewed me at ICS, I am still quaking in my Colorados about the prospect of returning to full-time teaching after so long. Please pray that I will daily rely on the Lord for patience and wisdom in dealing with students, staff and parents.

If you want to find out more about the school, you can investigate their website here.

And please join with us in thanking God for answering our prayers for a job here in Hong Kong.


  1. Praise God! What an answer to prayers :) I understand your trepidation and will pray for a childcare solution. All the best Renee for your first day, it's very exciting!! Sheree xoxo

  2. Congratulations on your new job!

  3. I know you will be a wonderful, enthusiastic, dedicated teacher for the students in your care. They and their families will love you. This job is perfect for you!

    It is great that your mum is coming over for two months and I'll continue to pray with you that God provides the right person to look after Tirzah when you get baack from Australia.

  4. That is fantastic news Renee - I'm very excited for you! Will definitely keep you in our prayers - I know you will be awesome! Leonie.

  5. Hey Renee!
    Wow...big changes in the Harvey household. We thank God for his provision for you.

    You are a fabulous woman, an awesome mother and a great teacher when the nerves hit remember this but above all remember that God goes with you and will provide you with all that you need.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about how it all comes together.


  6. Change that word to definitely!