Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bon Appetit

Pizza anyone? This was our shared meal at Bible study one week.

The children and I made a batch of "oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies" on Friday. All gone now!

Craig took this photo of the items on clearance at our local supermarket. I guess Vegemite and Marmite aren't very popular in Hong Kong. C'mon, Sweeneys and Krohns, you just need to develop more sophisticated taste buds!

Probably the best $6 AUD "steak and wedges" meal Craig has ever had.

This meal was a lot more than $6 but very nice. It was in a flash 'touristy' restaurant on the beach at Stanley. They even served it on a (fake) newspaper.

One of the children's favourite cheap meals when we eat out... BBQ pork and rice.

Can you spot three red-haired children standing close by who are keen to taste the Lightning McQueen birthday cake?

Two kinds of eggs for tea: hard boiled and Kinder Surprise.(The latter was a party favour from Elliot's birthday party.)

The children were thrilled to see this display at the end of one of the supermarket aisles this week. I'm sorry to say we weren't tempted by any of these Australian products.

Remember McDonald's red bean pie here in Hong Kong? Now customers have another choice...taro pie.


  1. Very soon Tirzah will have a proper egg cup!

  2. I'm impressed with the home made biscuits Renee. Your culinary repertoire is obviously growing!