Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday: Part Two

If attending a birthday party on Hong Kong Island wasn't an exciting enough adventure in itself, yesterday we ended up on a bit of a how-many-different-forms-of-transport-can-we-fit-in-one-day kind of spree. Let me explain...

We left Forest Hill for Tai Po Market Station on the estate shuttle bus (1) around 9 in the morning.

We then took a train (2) from Tai Po Market to Kowloon Tong to Yau Tong to Quarry Bay.

After we went to Isaac and Abigail's birthday party, we travelled by tram (3) to Causeway Bay.

View from the tram

Eleanor, we thought of you when we saw this sign, but I'm sorry to report that this is as close as we came to the 2010 Hong Kong Flower Show.

The library held more interest for us. It has a massive children's section.

We then took another tram to Central where we walked to the piers.

You can see some supporters of Earth Hour on the trams we passed.

Tirzah fell asleep.

We then took a ferry (4) to Tsim Sha Tsui.

View from the ferry

We walked around the shops for a while, then caught a double-decker #271 bus (5) back to Tai Po.

Last we caught a taxi (6) from the bus stop back to Forest Hill, arriving home around 6:30 pm.


  1. You didn't count walking. So you took 7 different forms of transportation.

  2. How exhausting Renee! (But very adventurous!)

    Were all those escalators in the library? That's enormous!

  3. Was that photo of the escalators taken inside the library?

  4. Oh dear. How do you remember what to take next?Is it actually less crowded on the weekends? Sooner or later I shall find out for myself!

  5. Wow what a day...I bet you all slept well that night!
    Love sharing in your adventures!