Thursday, March 11, 2010

Toy exchange

You may remember me posting about a "clothing exchange" in November. Tirzah and I returned to Granville Gardens this week for an equally exciting event... a "toy exchange".

We travelled to Tai Wai by public transport. Lauren, you'll be pleased to know that we took the 63B mini-bus for the first time without actually knowing at which stop to alight. I'm getting braver.

The participating English-speaking families all brought their unwanted or outgrown toys. We spread them all out over a couple of tables, then took turns selecting anything we wanted from the stash.

Our children haven't acquired very many new toys since coming to Hong Kong, but I was still able to contribute to the group's collection. I was happy to get rid of some stuffed toys, bath books, and some baby toys.

Tirzah took a fancy to this life-sized Elmo from which I thankfully pried her away. (I think it would have needed its own room!) Once we had all chosen from the assortment of toys, the Filipino helpers were allowed to take all the leftovers to do with as they chose.

These are the items for which I traded my unwanted toys: A Marvel comics Guess Who game, alphabet cards, bow and arrow, dress-up handcuffs, Barbie and accessories, and some musical instruments.

Not a bad swap at all, in my opinion!