Monday, March 8, 2010

Nanami's party

Whether you live in Australia or Hong Kong, when you're five years old or thereabouts your life is one long string of birthday parties. On Saturday afternoon Keegan was invited to the party of his classmate Nanami.

Very few Hong Kong families have room in their apartments to host a party, so they have to source other locations, such as this local international kindergarten, called Zebedee. 

Keegan enjoyed the party games led by the clown host. First, it was "catch the ping pong balls"...

..."tug of war"

...a sack race

...and balancing a bean-bag-on-your-head relay race

Then there was a magic show.

...and party food time!


  1. Keegan seems to have been smiling during the whole party!

  2. Looks like plenty of fun!
    Do you stay for all the parties too Renee?