Saturday, March 13, 2010

Potty training: going with the flow

Hong Kong seems to have a serious shortage of public toilets. 

And the shopping centre restrooms often have long queues.

So if you're a toddler undergoing toilet training, the only solution is to take your potty with you everywhere and suffer the indignity of having to use it in VERY public settings such as...

The school bus stop

Tai Po library

The train

Bible study

The main street 

A birthday party


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! so cute and funny! :)what do u do with the wees afterwards? Maybe thats a whole new blog in itself! :)

  2. So funny Renee!

    I wonder what everyone else in Hong Kong does? Simply not go out?

    We always kept a potty in the back of the car, but this is taking it to a completely different level!

  3. Hilarious Renee...and very cute!
    You are such a practical woman!

  4. I feel very sorry for Tirzah on her 21st- these photos will definitely have to come out! Or I guess you could always talk about man landing on the moon...

  5. Jacqui asks where did you throw out wee when you were on that train??? LOL Love From George and Jacqui xxoo