Tuesday, March 9, 2010


During my brief time in Perth I bought a bedspread for Tirzah  on special at Myer. It's from the babushka range made by Hiccups and is so pretty. This photo is not of Tirzah's bedroom, but you can at least see what the doona cover looks like.

The problem is that Tirzah's tiny window in her bedroom currently has a towel as a curtain to try to block out the light. Needless to say, the towel does not match the lovely new bedspread.

Therefore, I finally mustered the courage to go to the manchester/haberdashery section at the local market in Tai Po to see if I could find some suitable curtain fabric. (Oh, I miss my Spotlight store!)

After pawing through numerous piles of fabrics, I finally sourced some thin pink cotton and some blockout fabric. The owner of the stall spoke ZERO English. I drew a few diagrams on paper, and as is the custom the woman responded by typing out prices on her calculator. It took me ten minutes just to understand which unit of measurement she was using.

I initially intended asking one of the tailors here at the market to sew my curtains for me, but after the difficulty in communicating, I  left with just my curtain fabric. The children were so patient waiting for me, and Jemilla was able to tell the lady pink in Chinese when I couldn't make myself understood.

I have already cut and pinned the fabric. Now I just need to find someone from work or church who has a sewing machine, so I can do a quick hem and hang up the curtain. I'm aiming to have it done before my mother comes to visit at Easter time. I promise to post a picture when it's done.


  1. A great achievement already Renee!

    What a challenge - the zero English/zero Chinese combination is a difficult one. Well done to Jemilla for helping out!

    I LOVE Tirzah's doona cover and can't wait to see the finished room.

  2. I think you did really well Renee. I would have just left it for Mum to do when she comes out.

  3. Well I did intend asking whether I should bring some sewing stuff...... OF COURSE I can make the curtain. By the way does Tirzah have a set of Russian dolls?