Monday, March 15, 2010

New friends

International Christian School has a number of apartments above the classrooms to rent out to new teachers. We spent an enjoyable day on Saturday with a family that lives and teaches there. They have been living in Perth (of all places!) for the last six years or so, so we had plenty to chat about. They have two young children and lots of toys for our kids to enjoy.

Stirling is nearly two years old.

Miriam is nearly four years old.

Keegan found a great big space to play cricket in the undercover area at the school.

Jemilla practised for a while with hula hoops before diving into the school library.

Tirzah played quite happily all day, despite not having her usual afternoon rest time.

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  1. Stirling and Miriam? Almost as good as Trigg and Hillary I heard about.The photos have made me want to check out the school's website for location etc....Keegan and I will go anywhere for a game of cricket!