Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One of Jemilla's subjects at school is called International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which aims to help the students develop perspectives of nationality, people, countries and cultures. As an assignment, Jemilla was asked to select five items that belong to her that serve as clues to her identity. Basically, these items should tell people what she likes, her hobbies, and her interests.

These are the five things Jemilla chose:

1. A Barbie (because playing with her dollhouse is one of Jemilla's favourite pastimes)

2. A pink texta (because she loves to draw, and pink is her favourite colour)

3. A Belville lego booklet (Lego is her other favourite toy at the moment)

4. A little fish pendant (to symbolise our family's Christian beliefs and practices)

5. The BFG by Roald Dahl (to represent her love for reading)

It's interesting to note that Jemilla didn't choose anything to show her Australian nationality. Maybe it's not as important to a child...

What five things would you pick to summarise who you are?

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  1. That's a hard one!
    I would probably pick some yarn or knitting needles, my bible, a photo of hubby and the girls (don't think we have one of hubby, me and all the kids), my camera (i'm always taking photos) and my pj's (cos I love to be at home).