Thursday, April 28, 2011

April photo update from Jemilla

This is the kind of Christmas tree I am going to have when I grow up...a pink one!

Do we look like Lego statues?

Riding toy horses at Sai Kung

Watering plants at school

Do you like my LEGO glasses?

This is the second character in my Chinese name, jian.

I took these photos with my camera.

Being silly with the dress up clothes

My best friend Kristie's birthday

Five visiting dogs came to our school

 My friend Michael and I made a LEGO dinosaur

At the playground.

At a Chinese restaurant.

My class excursion

Kristie came to play at our house.

The T.N.S.V.J.drama club (Tirzah, Natasha, Sophie, Vienna, Jemilla)

This is my collection of silly bands.

My Chinese class fashion show ( I'm the one in the blue.)

I made a craft at my old school, NIS.

Our favourite ice cream shop in Tai Po

Kayla and I wore the same dress to church on Easter Sunday! It wasn't planned or anything!


  1. And I really love the LEGO sunglasses Jemilla

    Love Daddy

  2. Great photos Jemilla! Looks like the weather is warming up a bit now - beautiful Easter dress!

  3. Yeh! I love the Lego sunglasses too.
    I do think I would rather a purple Christmas tree though.
    May I ask what is the fifth photo you took on your camera. It is pretty funny.