Saturday, April 30, 2011

Models for a day

Something that surprised me about Hong Kong is this: it is very common for anglo children to be asked to do  photo shoots or fashion catwalks here. For instance, within our Bible study our friends the Rode-Christoffersons and Udys have done many model jobs. Keegan's friend Elliot Sweeney recently posed for the cover of Milk B magazine. Here is the finished product.

Recently a friend gave our details to a new magazine, and they contacted us to see if our kids were interested in a photo shoot. (They must have had a hankering for three freckled redheads!) We decided to try it out for fun. Obviously I don't have copies of the professional photos yet to show you, but my candid shots can give you an idea of what happened "on the set".

After arriving at the location, Tirzah was the first to have her hair and make-up done, followed by the other two.

Then they brought out the first of many outfits of clothes to put on our children. The brands included Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, and Christian Dior, just to name a few. This is likely to be the only time our children wear those labels, so I hope they enjoyed it!

The photos were all taken outside in a nearby park on real grass, a rarity here in Hong Kong. The weather was drizzly, but the photographer didn't seem to mind too much, and there were plenty of attendants on hand to shelter the would-be models from the drips.

I have no idea if the agent is happy with the photo shoot overall, but she did comment that our kids were well behaved and followed instructions. I learned a few things from today's activity...

Number one, our children will do anything for candy. 

Number two: someone on this planet must actually pay $4200 HKD for a dress (Tirzah's white lacy one). That's $540 USD!

Number three: I am definitely not cut out to be a mother in this industry. As a self confessed control freak, it was extremely difficult to bite my tongue over things I would do differently, such as Jemilla's hair and certain poses. But what do I know?

Number four: the most photogenic of our three, the one who had the most fun, and the child who asked for another booking was...Keegan! Perhaps he will get another chance to model while we are in Hong Kong...if his father takes him, that is. No more toddlers and tiaras for me!


  1. It is work for parents and kids that is for sure! How fun you got all 3 kids to go at one time.

  2. So... no stage mom for you? Did they actually put mascara on Keegan? I saw that as one of the photos. Very cute though!

  3. Do you watch Toddlers and Tiaras? We need to talk!! Love ya

  4. Well, you can say you've done that now, and tick it off your list! Hopefully you'll be able to get some copies of the photos, esp. with all three together. I think they look gorgeous!

  5. What an experience! What agency were you with? Wild!

  6. Hee hee. Looks like fun for the kids! I can't wait to see their model shots!

  7. Me thinks you look quite at home with someone carrying an umbrella over you :)

  8. Fun. Thanks for sharing!

    -Jack VN

  9. Hi there! How are you doing? so fun to see these pictures! hope you are well. carol ragsdale