Friday, April 22, 2011

Return to Tai Mei Tuk

We took advantage of the nice weather on this public holiday to revisit Tai Mei Tuk. These are the rental rates for hiring a bike here. As HK family outings go, this one is really cheap!

Our chosen vehicle for the day featured modern colours, keyless entry, luxurious faux leather seats, [some sort of] alloy wheels, plenty of luggage storage space, air conditioning, and power steering Craig-style.

Some of the sights along our ride...

We rode out to the Udy's place (friends from Bible study)...

...then popped in to visit the Rode-Christoffersens as well.

By then our hour was up.Time to return our bike and get some lunch!

We dined at Portofinos and thoroughly recommend it.

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  1. That is my FAVORITE place!!! The risotto is fabulous as well as this other pasta dish that I have forgotten the name. YUMMY!!!