Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sai Kung (or "Name that Seafood")

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Hong Kong called Ching Ming. We spent a lazy morning at home, then decided to explore a suburb we had heard friends rave about. We took two buses to get to Sai Kung, a town that used to be a fishing village.  You can still hire boats here for fishing or swimming trips. Stretching along the waterfront in the town centre you will find a dozen quality seafood restaurants. Each restaurant boasts a stunning variety of fresh seafood in glass tanks which you can hand-pick prior to having them prepared and delivered to your table.

I'm disappointed that we didn't take the Croakers here during their visit to Hong Kong, as I know Flynn and Bowen would have loved to see all the unusual fish and sea creatures.

This was an unexpected find in Sai Kung: a quality English book shop.

The owner was preparing to close the shop for the night but kindly let us in for a look around.

I think Geoff Peet might have to duck his head in here!

The upstairs room is filled with secondhand books. My kind of place!

Plenty of cheap children's books to choose from too.

And what a view out the window!

The owner was very friendly. He is keen to expand the secondhand library, so if you have any English books to sell you can trade them here for credit towards new ones. The Reading Room is located at 21 Hoi Pong Street, Sai Kung, near the old fishing pier.

Here are some more photos of Sai Kung.

We decided to forgo seafood for tea, having gorged on it with our eyes all afternoon. Instead went to Paisano's, a restaurant famous amongst westerners for its delicious pizza.

The pizza we ordered was "The Godfather" and two feet in diameter.

It was huge!

You know what that means! Lots of pizza leftover for lunch the next day...

...if only we can get it through the door of the minibus!

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  1. Oh, I didn't like seeing all those sea creatures crammed into tiny spaces ready for consumption :(

    What I want to know is what books you bought, because I know you don't have enough!!