Saturday, April 2, 2011

ICS Academic Fair

This morning was a work day for ICS teachers, as it was a sort of open-day for all the classrooms. Craig and the kids accompanied me.

First we enjoyed a fantastic kindergarten performance of "The Three Trees" and various songs in the Theatre. I was excited to think that this will be Tirzah next near!

Then Jemilla showed us some of her third grade classroom projects, including this group assignment on static electricity...

and her Roman Times newspaper. 

Here is Keegan in his Grade One classroom. He told us they are currently learning about Egypt and fractions.

I laughed at this entry in Keegan's writing journal. (I'll leave if to you to decipher if you can!)

And here is my classroom. The list of modes of transport on the board came from the mouth of my five-year-old student with autism. He dictated them all to me last week, including the spelling, faster than I could write them down. His language is minimal and it is always an effort to transform his obsessions into functional and effective communication. You can see some other visuals around the room that I use every day with the students.


  1. I'm glad it was a journal entry and not show-and-tell!! Very practical gift Grandpa...your great-grandchildren will thank you for it!!
    Craig L.

  2. How did I miss seeing you yesterday??
    THanks for posting the videos. Of course, I can't get the second one to load to show Kevin. Something about me and You Tube!!

    See U Tomorrow!!!

  3. I loved seeing your classroom Renee! All the visuals you have made look fantastic. That whiteboard is enormous - how wonderful!

    And Keegan's journal entry was so funny! I love it how kids that age can write something like that in all seriousness, with no embarrassment at all!