Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't you just LOVE a bargain?

This week Jemilla and Keegan received the first instalment of their payment for doing carol singing at Christmas time. They each received $600 HKD which is about $85 AUD. They are extremely excited about being so flush with money. We have had a few discussions about the benefits of saving money, how much they might put in the church offering bag, and the advantage of buying toys over confectionery. 

Keegan's first purchase was a baseball player for about $7 AUD. Remember I wrote about finding a great set of plastic figurines at a local shop in Tai Po? Today Jemilla bought a Disney Princess Mulan doll and horse from the same place.


We saw the same toy in a nearby department store for $37 AUD, but Jemilla only paid $8 AUD. The reason for the price reduction was that the box was damaged on one side.

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