Thursday, January 28, 2010


This little playground is one of our favourite places to visit after school pick-up in the afternoons. Jemilla likes the monkey bars, Keegan always asks me to play noughts and crosses, and Tirzah is happiest on the slide. I like the way the old people are wheeled from a nearby retirement home to this park where they can see the children laughing and playing.

Hong Kong residents are extremely modest, in both their clothing and customs. This lady at the park is the only woman I have ever seen breastfeeding in public. I suspect it is usually frowned upon and considered offensive in Chinese culture. It made me thankful that I had my three children in Australia which is much more open-minded to the rights of babies to be fed whenever and wherever they happen to be hungry. My sister Lauren wrote some interesting posts on the topic here and here.


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    I think I saw one other lady breastfeeding up at the top of Level 7 at Sha Tin.

  2. Is the older lady frowning at the lady who is breastfeeding?

    I was never entirely comfortable breast feeding out in public. Always had so much milk going everywhere ...

    I agree with you on the issue of the people from the retirement home. There is something very beautiful about hearing and seeing children laugh and play.