Saturday, January 16, 2010

Games Night

Nearly every Saturday night after tea we choose from our collection of board games and participate in some quality family time. It's become a fun tradition, but we can also see its worth in teaching numeracy and literacy skills, turn taking, and the art of good sportsmanship. The latter has certainly not been mastered; Jemilla and Keegan still sulk if they don't win. We're persevering, however, and even Tirzah joins in with whatever we are doing. Our favourite games since coming to Hong Kong have been Rummiking,  Pictionary, Guess Who, Uno, Memory, Beetle, Junior Scrabble, Mancala, and Trouble.

So what games does your family like to play?


  1. We play trouble and guess who at our house.
    Zooreeka- is a super fun game by the people who make cranium.
    you get to build a zoo by collecting cards.

  2. We like Bohnanza, Uno Attack, Skip-Bo and Pictureka. Brianna likes Boggle and Backgammon as well, but they are a bit harder for the other girls.
    Can't wait to play a game or two with the Harveys when they come to stay!

  3. Games night yeah! we love playing games too...we need to get back to doing more of it. Thanks for the inspiration. ATM we like to play.. Cadoo, pictionary mania, carcasonne, Disney trivial pursuit,cluedo, charades, guitar hero, sing star (although the last few are not board games we still like to have fun as a family playing these games.

  4. We have Family Friday and we rotate between watching a video as a family, playing a board game, going to the movies and sometimes eating at a restaurant. The children love Family Friday and it's a fun tradition.