Sunday, January 17, 2010

Return to Playscope

Last month I raved about our discovery of Playscope, an indoor play centre in Tai Po. We bought yearly tickets and hope to visit every fortnight or so. This month I was even more impressed with the effort the staff have made to encourage imaginative play with the establishment of a pretend bakery within Playscope.

Jemilla, Tirzah and Jane carefully arranged the shop shelves with sandwiches, pastries, and cakes.

Most of these delicate pastries and realistic sandwiches were hand-made with foam, sponge, plastic and paper. (Toddler Time mums, you might like to copy these ideas if you do a "food" theme at playgroup this term.)

Then the bakery was open for business. As is the custom here in Hong Kong, we placed our selections onto trays with plastic tongs before paying at the cash register.

Tirzah liked wearing an apron to do "cooking".

Keegan and Elliot toasted some bread and decorated some (foam) cakes with fruit.

Tirzah arranged her pizza (again cleverly made with bits of coloured foam) carefully on a tray....

Then Keegan put the tray in the huge "woodfire oven", adjusted the temperature....

Then closed the door to keep the heat in. Mmmmmmmm...I can nearly smell the pizza cooking now!


  1. All that food looks so clever!

  2. That's amazing Renee - what a great place!

    Very impressed with all the foam food.

    (Not sure about the mask the lady was wearing - is that all part of the role play too?)

  3. Wow! what an awesome place to take little people. I wanna play there too!

  4. Amanda, many people in Hong Kong wear face masks in public because they fear catching swine flu or other illnesses. I didn't even notice it in the picture; it has become so commonplace for us.

  5. I noticed the masked lady too!! funny how you can become accostumed to almost anything, eh? I was so envious of all the marvelous play things!! How wonderful for your chillens!!