Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Even monsters think pink icing is the tastiest"

I don't do baking activities with the children very often. However, today is Saturday and we have no other commitments, so we decided to bake cupcakes just for the fun of it. As we left most of our kitchen utensils in Australia, I had to borrow a muffin tray from a friend. We used this box of McDougall's fairy girl cake mix.

Normally out of our price range at $7 AUD, I was happy to find it on the clearance trolley at the supermarket for $3 AUD, no doubt because it is approaching its "best before" date.

We read the instructions...

We mixed the ingredients...

We spooned the mixture into the patty cake papers...

We licked the bowl and spoons...

And we decorated the cakes just how we liked!

Jemilla's creations...

One of Keegan's cakes says "ACB" for the Australian Cricket Board. (Not that he's obsessed or anything!)

The hardest part of today's cooking exercise was deciding which cake to eat! (I'm such a mean mother; I only let them eat one!)

Just in case you were wondering, the title for today's post is from one of our favourite series of books and TV shows by Lauren Child about two siblings named Charlie and Lola. In This is Actually My Party, they decide that pink icing is the best.

I think the Harveys would have to agree.


  1. I love Jem's smile -- just gorgeous!

    Wish I could eat those cupcakes for you...

    And Lauren Child is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overrated!

  2. Har-dee-har-har, LA. You just need to watch a few more episodes to see how lovely Charlie and Lola are. Back me up, someone!

  3. Gorgeous post Renee!

  4. Not sure how much of a back up I'll prove to be but I agree Charlie & Lola are a necessity for the littlies! Tahlia was given a set of 8 Audio/Readalong C&L books for her birthday from Uncle Jon & Aunty Danyelle and she just loves them. They're quite fun to read over and over too, our favourite is "I'll be Extremely Very Careful" and has been for a long time!
    Craig L.