Friday, January 1, 2010

A Lego story by Jemilla

Once upon a time Jacob was going out for a walk and met someone who he thought looked familiar. It turned out to be a witch. She used a magic wand to make Jacob become sick. Then she threw back her head and laughed. Then the witch disappeared.

Jacob lay in bed not feeling very well. His friend Caleb tried to make Jacob feel better.


When King Nathan came to visit, he prayed that God would tell him what to do. God told him to ask Lady Treeman for help.

Lady Treeman knew exactly how to help Jacob feel better, but it would be very expensive. The medicine was hidden in a magic forest which costs a lot of money to get through. Lady Treeman's helper brought a stretcher with Jacob on it to the forest, then they paid the money to go in.

They looked for the medicine for a long time, and Lady Treeman finally found it in a treasure chest.

Lady Treeman spread the medicine on Jacob's feet, and she said it would take one week to work.

Sure enough, after one week Jacob was all better! He and Caleb and Lady Treeman and her helper had a party, but they did not invite the witch! Can you see her?



  1. Ooo, I like the finishing picture. That's spectacular!

  2. What great story writers your two munchins are!

    Looks like there was much fun in the making too.

    Your next project could be an animation. Mady and Cait have made animations with lego. You take heaps of photos moving each piece slightly for each new shot. You the run all the photos together and you have yourself a lego animation. If you are interested...ask Glen for a more in depth explanation.


  3. A wonderfully imaginative story Jemilla!