Monday, January 11, 2010


I owe a whole lot of thank yous for my time away, most notably to Craig who did a wonderful job looking after the kids (plus visitors!) on his own.

Thank you to Paul and Ellen for helping with the #26 bus ride every day while I was away.

Thank you to those dear friends who came out to Hillary's for a chat over afternoon tea.

Thank you to the kind people who sent notes and goodies back for the kids.

Thank you to the family who is doing such a good job looking after our cat Bronte.

Thank you to the friend who packed me a snack box for the plane.

Thank you to the friend who wrapped up all the special Nutrimetics with which to pamper myself.

Thank you to the person who promised to pray about me starting teaching again.

Thank you to the one who rang before and after the funeral to make sure I was okay.

Thank you to the one who asked if Craig was spending enough time with his family.

Thank you to those who mentioned that they have been following the blog; you are such an encouragement to me.

Thank you especially to the person who hunted down a bedspread I'd been searching for months ago. You're such a sweetie.

Thank you to the dear person who gave up her morning to come op shopping with me.

Thank you to the Deaf who welcomed me back with open arms as if I'd never been away and ignored my rusty signing.

Thank you to the special person who gave me permission to keep referring to Alec in present tense for a while longer.

Thank you to the friend with the warm "I know" hug after Alec's funeral. I'm sorry we didn't get to catch up.

Thank you to those who mentioned the possibility of coming to Hong Kong one day. It gives me something to look forward to.

Thank you to the Vigus and Matchett family for looking after me so well, particularly Carina and Gabby for giving up their rooms.

Lorene, I especially treasured my time with you! It was wonderful to be with someone who loves/loved Alec and to talk openly about him and share our memories of him. We laughed and cried together, and I loved every minute of it. Thank you.

Things I realised I miss about Perth
  • Friends from church
  • Interpreting with the Deaf Ministry Team at Woodvale Baptist Church
  • The wide open spaces, green backyards and huge parks
  • The op shops
  • The warm summer sun at the beach

Things I definitely do not miss about Perth
  • The flies
  • The sand
  • The graffiti
  • The bad language I hear from teenagers in public


  1. Oh Renee I have laughed and cried as I read you two blog entries on returning home. Thanks!
    I'm glad that you have made it home to your precious ones and that your trip to Australia while sad went well.
    Glen and ben report that they had a great time in HK...thanks for having them and thanks to Craig and the children for taking care of them and making them feel welcome.
    I would love to hear where you are on your 'return to teaching' journey.
    Drop a line some time!

  2. Much love to you Renee, we really enjoyed seeing you and hearing from you in person. Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained with the blog. Please let us know when you hear about the job. Keep smiling you are doing a wonderful job.
    Luv Sheree