Friday, November 27, 2009

What's nearly as good as an op shop?

On Wednesday I was able to satisfactorily feed my addiction for exploring second-hand shops due to an invitation to a "clothing exchange". Although I had nothing to offer as my kids haven't outgrown any items since moving to Hong Kong, I was urged to "come anyway and see how it works". The exchange occurred in this apartment block called Granville Garden in Tai Wai, about twenty minutes from Tai Po.

We gathered in the estate club house where I met quite a number of English-speaking mothers and their children.

While we were chatting, the mothers who brought clothes went into another room to organise their items according to size. Then we all drew numbers and waited for our turn to choose what we wanted.

Tirzah especially enjoyed "driving" in this red bus.

Here she is behind the wheel with her friend Monica.

Tirzah and Monica are very close in age. Monica's brother attends the NIS kindergarten with Keegan and her parents come from Perth, so we have a lot in common.

I was number five on the list (yay!) so was one of the first mums to look through the stuff. We were told we could pick five items per child in our family. I couldn't believe it was just free to take in spite of the fact that I hadn't donated anything!

Of course it can't compare to our massive Woodvale Baptist Church babies and kidswear sale, but I still managed to find a pair of shoes and two pairs of pants for Keegan, plus several items for Tirzah for the coming year. I was pretty happy with my freebies.

Once all the mothers had chosen their items, the domestic helpers (maids) were free to take any of the remaining items for themselves or their relatives. I was very impressed with how well it all worked.

You may remember my post about the lack of second-hand stores here in Hong Kong. Well, this seems like a fantastic way for Anglo families to swap and share clothes without having to spend lots of money. I'm keen to go to the next get-together in the New Year which is a toy-exchange. Doesn't that sound fantastic?

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  1. Hi Renee,
    Pleased you were able to satisfy your recycled clothing need!

    WE have a bit of news. WE are expecting again... no 4......yes I have twins!!!!!!! (or will have sometime in June). We are very excited, but the morning sickness has been bad- but this is the last time!! Also we are moving to Bunbury in the new year. Matt has been offered a promotion so that is is exciting too. But sad to say goodbye to Perth. Anyway Hope you are well
    Lots of love
    Jo xxxxxxx