Thursday, April 8, 2010


I think it was our friends Paul and Ali Federwitz who first introduced us to "The 7:31 Concept". I'm sure most families do it, but perhaps you give it another name. 

Our children go to bed at 7:30 pm.

And at 7:31 pm, the "good" food comes out.

Maybe it's a packet of chips, or maybe it's chocolate. 

We have an entire cupboard called "The 7:31 Cupboard". If I buy a special treat at the supermarket, I'll say to Craig, "Let's not share it with the kids. We'll save it for 7:31."

With my mother's visit from Australia, our 7:31 stash is chockablock full. My sisters sent a range of sweet things to tempt our taste buds. (Thank you! Thank you!)

However, these are by far my favourite.
Lindt Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter Eggs. (Yes, you may applaud.)

The Lindt website instructs the connoisseur to "Savour the delicate balance between the intense richness of peanut butter and the smooth melting milk chocolate. When it comes together on the tongue in perfect harmony it’s a sensorial triumph." 

I don't need the fancy description. To me they are just plain scrumptious. Peanut butter and chocolate are the BEST combination ever, as I'm sure Amanda would agree.

I'm logging off now to enjoy my 7:31. What are you having?


  1. So funny! Although we've never assigned ours the name "8:31" as it would be in our household, I do certainly pull out The Stash when the not-so-little-anymore little ones are in bed. Almost always chocolate--Toblerone last week. What always stinks is when one of the not-so-little-anymore little ones comes downstairs for Something and catches you in the act! :)

  2. You're right, Kathleen. Last week our kids found an empty wrapper on top of our rubbish bin. I think they are growing suspicious!

  3. hahahha yes we have that in our house but have never called it the 7:31 concept before (until today that is :P) what often happens is I will go into Mia's room to kiss her after she has read for 30 mins and she will say "hmmmm I smell chocolate.....???" My response: "Do you hun?" followed by a quick exit from the room!

  4. Ooohh, those Lindt chocolates are certainly a jump up from peanut M&Ms (one of my weaknesses as you know!) They look delicious - I think I'll have to track some down for when you come!

  5. What do you call it when you have to share it with your daughter who is old enough to stay up and watch "Lord of the Rings"? Can't watch a movie like that with no snacks!