Thursday, April 1, 2010

An announcement

I've been waiting until my mother arrived in Hong Kong to make a little announcement to all my Nesting in Skyscrapers readers. 

It seems that we really are "nesting"...the Harveys are expecting baby number four in the new year!

This was certainly not something that we planned. We had just about decided that three kids was enough for our family. I had been feeling unwell off and on and had a few other symptoms in the last month which led us to do a home pregnancy test and voila! Boy, were we blown away! Here we are in a strange country without family members nearby and I've just been offered a fantastic job. Another baby will change it all. To say I was anxious is an understatement, but now with Manou here everything seems just a bit more manageable.

I feel like I was just getting used to things here, and now everything is going to change for us. I'm nervous about the local hospitals and that sort of thing, but I just have to trust that the pregnancy and delivery will go normally like the other three. I will be going to a  local doctor this week, so I will let you know the estimated due date soon. 

Please remember to pray for our family in Hong Kong. And have a great April Fool's Day. 


  1. Hey Renee, we think you're fantastic! This is such an excellent piece - you had us so convinced about your baby and excited for you all until the April Fool's mention. Leonie & I spent much of tonight discussing the matter because it was so well written, trying to work out whether the trick was the pregnancy or the fact that you had told everyone about your real pregnancy and no one believed you because of the ending! For the record we are convinced that you have a phantom pregnancy, but we're quite ready to get very excited for you!

    Either way, we will continue to pray for your family and we look forward to tomorrow's blog!
    Craig & Leonie

  2. Phew! That was a good leg-pull.

  3. You did have me for a second... my heart may have missed a beat or two.

  4. Mission accomplished then, Lauren.

  5. I swallowed it hook, line and sinker!!!