Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photos from Keegan

I am trying so hard to hit the ball that my mouth is open! Aunty Lauren sent me this special cricket ball on a string for me to do batting practice.

This was a Japanese restaurant I went to with all our friends from Bible Study.

Elliot and I are pretending to be giants in front of this poster.

Here I am watching some kids play with spinning tops.

I am waiting for cricket practice with Ivan and his brother who just had a soccer lesson.

This is my K3 class ready for Sports Day.




I like Sports Day because I LOVE playing sports!


  1. I like seeing you with your Cricket Australia hat on, Keegan. It's good that although you live outside Australia you still love it.

  2. I love your photos Keegan - especially the one of you hitting the ball. Thanks for sharing them on the blog. We're really looking forward to when you come to our place - Geoff will enjoy playing cricket with you, and maybe you can teach our girls some of your cricket skills (they mostly play French Cricket).