Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two men from Mittagong

This afternoon we enjoyed the company of  Peter Worner and his son Jordan. Peter served on the Board of  Southern Highlands Christian School in Bowral, New South Wales, when Craig worked there as the Business Manager from 1998-2001. Of course Jordan was a lot younger then! 

Besides visiting friends here in Hong Kong, Peter and Jordan are also volunteering for a non-profit organisation called Crossroads.We were so pleased that they were willing to travel out to Tai Po to see us.


This photo was taken at Jordan station. (I wish I had a train station named after me!)

Jordan is a bit like the Pied Piper, I've decided. Jemilla tried hard to impress him, Keegan stuck like glue to his side all night, and and even Tirzah was thoroughly charmed by him.

Peter and Jordan had a a speedy tour through our apartment at Forest Hill, a quick look around Tai Po, and a brief observation of Keegan during his cricket lesson. Then the kids chose Shakey's Pizza as the place to take the Worners for tea.

We took this photo of Jordan with Jemilla because he has a sister also named Jemilla. When we were expecting our first child, the Worner family invited us for a meal at their home. We loved the name Jemilla so much we decided to use it if we had a daughter, and we did!

Folks, remember the name Jordan Worner. He is a very talented song-writer and musician. At age 18 he produced his first CD called "Decided", of which the title track is a "moving testimony of a friend, which he hopes will encourage people everywhere that when they decide to live with eyes fixed on Jesus, there is no turning back."

You can read more about Jordan and his desire to serve the Lord through music on his website.You can also see him perform one of his songs live on the clip below.

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