Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photos from Jemilla

This is my good friend Griffin.

I am getting better at using chopsticks. This was a Japanese restaurant.

This was an excursion my whole school went on to hear the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. I liked "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and the Star Wars song. My teacher is on the right.

My school is having a Spellathon in May. I am trying to raise money for our school library, and I am asking people to sponsor me a certain amount of money for each word I spell right on the day of the test. These are my 40 English words...

...and these are my 20 Mandarin words. Would you like to sponsor me?

I like having Manou here in Hong Kong because we go to the playground, and for bush walks, and she cooks us porridge every morning for breakfast.

There are three different buses we can take to get to our house at Forest Hill, but the 275 is my favourite bus. I always sit up the very top at the front where I can see everything and watch television.

These photos were taken before Easter from a chapel service at my school. Mr Lok the Principal told us all about Jesus' Last Supper and how the Israelites celebrated the Passover with a special meal.

We didn't taste these foods but we looked at them and learned what sort of meaning they had.

This is my friend Lynn. I like going to her house to play, but she is going back to Holland next week.

This is the recorded message we hear on the train ALL THE TIME!


  1. Wow Jemilla! I love hearing you speak in Mandarin!

    I know how good you are at spelling English words, but Mandarin? They look impossibly hard to me. I will sponsor you $1AU for every Mandarin word you spell correctly. (Can I pay you when you come to visit, or otherwise online?) All the best!

  2. We will sponsor you Jemilla, and Joelle is learning your words with you, and her brother is sponsoring her!