Monday, April 26, 2010

Ma On Shan

We spent our Sunday afternoon at a shopping centre in Ma On Shan, not far from my school. I'd seen this beautiful carousel during the week and hoped that the children could have a turn riding one of the animals.

Unfortunately, the carousel was not operating on Sunday due to a big talent show on a nearby stage.

We were disappointed, but the children soon cheered up when we discovered a range of free children's activities in some booths in the same shopping centre.

There was a fishing game.

And a bead-threading activity.

These were Lego robots activated with switches.

And we had a bit of trouble understanding the rules to this one!

Everyone liked playing with clay.

Jemilla made a rabbit.

Keegan made cricket stumps (of course).

I think Tirzah's clay creation is a cat, but I'm not sure.

This was a cute clothesline pegged with Mother's Day cards...

...including a special message for me!

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